Profiles of the American University

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Profiles of the American University
Volume I: Political Beliefs & Behavior of College Faculty

Gary A. Tobin and Aryeh K. Weinberg
San Francisco: The Institute for Jewish & Community Research, 2006.

The Institute for Jewish & Community Research’s study of American college faculty offers the reader a unique portrait of today’s academy.  It illustrates the existence of a dominant political ideology on campus that encompasses views of American foreign, domestic, and trade policies. The majority of faculty are bound by a set of beliefs that could compromise the core mission of the academy to provide unbiased teaching and scholarship.

“The Political Beliefs and Behavior of College Faculty” is an invaluable addition to the literature about higher education. The authors of this volume assert themselves as defenders of higher education, concerned less with the liberal bias on campus than with the existence of any ideology that diminishes the ability of the university to provide the highest caliber teaching and scholarship.

The authors call for the academy to embrace its own values and tenets. They urge all stakeholders in higher education to ensure that the truest purposes of the university are protected against the paralysis of an entrenched political monoculture.

This monograph is intended for anyone concerned with the future of higher education: students, faculty, parents, trustees, alumni, taxpayers and government. It is the first of three volumes and will be followed by reports on the religious beliefs of college faculty and faculty attitudes about Israel and the Middle East.


Author interview on Bill O'Reilly's Radio Factor

Press conference

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