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"Righteous Jews" and "New Afrikaners"

May 2010 Contents

The Fate of "Righteous Jews" and the "New Afrikaners"

John Mearsheimer has got a little list

Reviving Jewish Race Science at Columbia U. Conference

May Articles of Interest

The Fate of "Righteous Jews" and the "New Afrikaners"

Kenneth L. Marcus
Ken Marcus, Director
Anti-Semitism Initiative

One popular lecturer, who speaks frequently on California university campuses, likes to teach students the difference between "good Jews" and "bad Jews." Bad Jews, who support Israel, are the source of global problems. Good Jews, who attack Israel, are worthy of praise. The distinction is important because it shields even the coarsest attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions - verbal, physical or violent - from accusations of hate or bias. Indeed, it gives anti-Semitism the moral high ground by camouflaging it as human rights advocacy. Late last month, in a prominent lecture in Washington, D.C., University of Chicago political scientist John Mearsheimer attempted to provide this distinction with a modicum of respectability. This month, in an equally prominent exchange in San Diego, a shocked audience learned why it has none.

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John Mearsheimer has got a little list

In a speech at the Palestine Center in D.C., controversial co-author of "The Israel Lobby" John Mearsheimer divided American Jews into three groups: "New Afrikaners"; the "the great ambivalent middle"; and "Righteous Jews," in a speech outlining what he characterized as the "end of the Zionist dream."

Read John Mearsheimer has got a little list by Marc Tracy, Tablet, May 4, 2010

Reviving Jewish Race Science at Columbia U. Conference

Ali al-Amin Mazrui epitomizes the consequences of lowered norms on anti-Semitism by employing race theory against Jews at a Columbia University panel discussion. Mazrui crosses over into open university-sanctioned bigotry, speaking of Jewish impurity and duplicity

Read Reviving Jewish Race Science at Columbia U. Conference by Brendan Goldman, American Thinker, May 23, 2010

May Articles of Interest

Higher Education

Tel Aviv University professors denounce Dershowitz for speech against left
By Or Kashti, Ha'aretz, May 12, 2010
Valid concerns about political orthodoxy in universities are dismissed by professors citing a lack of data on any impact in the classroom. Ongoing IJCR surveys of university faculty and students seek to directly address this need.

Orange Country Task Force on Anti-Semitism: Letter from over 60 Irvine Faculty on anti-Jewish Harassment
By TDB, OC Taskforce, May 10, 2010
In an encouraging development, UCI faculty are speaking out against anti-Semitism on their campus. Department disparity is notable, however, with few signatories coming from the social sciences or humanities, departments most responsible for addressing issues related to religion, politics and intolerance.


High School Students Object to AP Test's Use of a Quote by Edward Said
By Deborah Nussbaum Cohen, The Forward, May 12, 2010
Special effort is made to note Edward Said's Palestinian heritage, though no other individuals included in test questions are identified by nationality.


Where did the Protestant justices go?
By Patrick O'Callahan, News Tribune (Tacoma, WA), May 10, 2010
IJCR's original research on religious bias in higher education is cited in a discussion over the soon to be absence of Protestant justices in the Supreme Court.