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New Study: The future of the Jewish community depends on better recruitment and retention of professionals

Existing Jewish communal professionals also find career growth,support, and training lacking

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 31, 2004
As many as 50% of Jewish educators, managers, and other communal professionals leave their organizations within the first five years of employment, threatening thelong-term viability of the Jewish community, according to a new report released by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research. Poor compensation, unresponsive leadership, and inadequate support are often cited as the reasons that entry-and mid-level professionals abandon the Jewish community as a career path, according to Dr. Gary Tobin, President of the Institute and one of the authors, along with Dr. Stephen Mark Dobbs and Zev Hymowitz, of The Development of Professional Leadership in the Jewish Community.

While there is a growing demand for Jewish educators and administrators, federation managers and fund-raisers, rabbis, financial experts, and other types of community workers, the current Jewish communal structure does not adequately invest in recruitment and training to bring talented young people into these and other Jewish communal professions.

According to the study, the Jewish community must undergo a paradigmatic shift in its treatment of its employees if it wishes to motivate existing professionals and to bring in the “best and the brightest” for generations to come.

Further details about the findings of this study, as well as recommendations for remedies to the challenges facing the community, can be found in the accompanying Executive Summary and report. These findings are based on research conducted under the auspices of the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, San Francisco, an independent, non-partisan think tank, which provides innovative research and pragmatic policy analyses to Jewish and other communities around the world.

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